Setting the Stage for Mental Health Research

As Canada’s leading mental health research facility, CAMH aims to inspire hope through groundbreaking discoveries. Our most recent project for CAMH helps to build out this capacity with a new home for the Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics.

Located at CAMH’s College Street Site, the Krembil Centre connects scientists across the globe who are working to fundamentally change our understanding of mental illness. Researchers use state-of-the-art techniques–including topological data analysis, machine learning and multi-scale computational modelling–to accelerate the identification and treatment of mental illness.

The new dry-lab offers a collaborative, efficient, bright, and open research environment. A mix of formal, informal, private, and public spaces were designed to complement open workstation clusters and facilitate creative working relationships. Large touch-screens foster collaboration and double as a gallery for disseminating knowledge. Communal counter height tables in the kitchen welcome standing meetings, while a mix of conversation pods offer privacy and acoustical barriers for calls and one on one meetings.

The new Centre celebrates its official opening this June. Learn more about this project.

Centre for Addictions and Mental Health
As a long-standing client, Cumulus has completed many projects and studies for CAMH including the Queen Street West Campus Mall Study and Wellness Centre. CAMH's next major project, and one of its most significant in recent years, is the Phase 1D Redevelopment - a new, highly specialized Forensics Building. Cumulus is currently teamed with Medical Architecture from the UK and Chefurka Consulting, working on the Master Plan/Program stage of the Phase 1D Redevelopment.