Titan Krios Laboratory


Toronto, ON



Situated at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning, the Titan Krios Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) facility is a partnership project between three academic institutions – SickKids Research Institute, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto. The Titan Krios is tailored for use in protein and cellular imaging. Its versatility ensures the ability to perform advanced experiments of today, as well as address future research problems. It is the most powerful and flexible high resolution microscope of its kind in the healthcare imaging field. 

The designed space that houses this instrument requires specific environmental controls, including a dedicated HVAC system for constant temperature regulation and low humidity, and a magnetic field cancellation system to compensate for the slowly varying magnetic fields found throughout Toronto. Cumulus incorporated these specifications into a design that is both highly advanced and user friendly. 

Modular Clinic


Toronto, ON


Schematic Design Complete

The space in the existing SickKids Hospital's Burton Wing consists of 12,000 square feet of floor space that has been partially demolished for the new Modular Clinic. SickKids established a state of the art solution that allows them to trial the results of their innovation in the new Clinic. The Modular Clinic achieves flexibility of function, provides improved patient and family care, and creates an incubator of change for the long-term delivery of ambulatory care.

This project is about physical solutions but also about engaging SickKids in creating a measurable change in care delivery with more stringent operational goals. An array of programs has been selected for the new Modular Clinic redevelopment based on their current success in hosting multidisciplinary clinics.

Base Building Upgrades

Cumulus has also worked with SickKids to make a number of improvements to the Peter Giligan Centre for Research and Learning (PGCRL) that address lobby security, occupational health and safety, and environmental comfort. Modifications include cost effective retrofits to the south facing glazing that reduce glare while preserving views and respecting the building’s original aesthetic. A new stainless steel bench solution was also added at the building's south and east stone base to provide a more comfortable sitting space for the general public.

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