Diagnostic Imaging



Toronto, ON



1,400 sf combined



CT- Complete

MRI - in Construction

MRI Suite

Cumulus Architects lead a design team to add a third MRI exam room to the diagnostic suite at the Humber River Hospital. An existing conference room was modified with new magnetic shielding to protect an adjacent public corridor from magnetic fields, while new RF shielding partitions were added to protect the new magnet against image distortion. Due to the current capacity of the diagnostic suite, the equipment supporting the MRI unit was placed separately between an expanded equipment room, a repurposed soiled linen room, a repurposed storage room, and a remote electrical room. The mechanical and electrical design was unique in that system layouts and equipment interconnections were often pushed to their limits and required thorough investigation of impacts to the existing hospital facilities.

HRH MRI_Diagram Final.jpg

CT Suite

Cumulus Architects was the prime consultant to design and renovate an existing multi-purpose procedure room at the Humber River hospital into a dedicated room to house their new Discovery HD GSI CT equipment. Scope of work included design of additional layers of lead shielding for walls, doors and viewing windows, new overhead Unistrut system to accommodate additional ceiling mounted devices, and modifications of the existing sprinkler, HVAC and electrical systems to suit the new CT and control room.