New Downtown Site


Hamilton, ON



43,000 sf Urban Park

16,000 sf Podium

6,400 sf Residential



Schematic Design

Responding to Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre's (HUCCHC) need for a new downtown site, Cumulus initiated a redevelopment proposal for the Beasley neighbourhood in Hamilton. This redevelopment was designed to provide a new facility for the community health organization, while at the same time fulfilling a need for public park space, parking, residential units and associated amenities. Some of the foreseen benefits of the redevelopment included:

  • Potential for dormant, underutilized City-owned site is realized via the development catalyst;
  • Planned park implementation is accelerated vs. waiting for development charges to fund future park years away;
  • Synergies between program elements are appropriate for the neighbourhood and community;
  • Leverage social programs with integrated development vs. commercialization of public assets (i.e provision of supportive housing collocated with HUCCHC and allied partners such as Hamilton Health Sciences, Mohawk College and McMaster University);
  • Anticipated support from the Beasley neighbourhood community by retaining and fostering the pre-existing relationship with HUCCHC;
  • Promotion of mixed-use supportive redevelopment that is compatible with the Beasley Neighbourhood Plan; and
  • Support an established community service that offers a pragmatic approach to the needs of disadvantaged urban population.