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Cumulus, in association with McKayWong (Interior Branding Consultant), is leading the planning and design for 14 Gateway Casinos and Entertainment facilities across Ontario as part of the Government of Ontario’s OLG Modernization. Deriving land feasibility, navigating municipal approvals, design innovation and facilitation of public/private partnerships illustrate the key added value offered by our team.

The design team has been working with Gateway in a multi-site, fast-track delivery model, requiring immense collaboration among the greater project team. Each of the 14 locations has a unique program, schedule and sensitivity to the different communities in which they are being built. These factors have required the design team to undertake a great amount of research and user group consultation, and utilize an important and effective flow of open communication with Gateway and all other proponents.

Centreline Design is Associate Architect on select locations part of the North Bundle.